Getting Older

 It was always kinda funny as a child, hearing adults talk about how life seems to speed up the older you get. As though God had a cruel remote control to fast forward through your years the more precious you found them. Well I tell you what, dear reader, it’s not nearly as funny anymore now that I’m living it.

I don’t have children to tell these things to, or to judge times passing with in either life.

I merely see dates between blog posts muttering, ‘my, how time passes…’. :3

At the spaces between, I mutter, ‘my, how they’ve grown!’.

And the older I get, the slower my computer gets. The less Second Life social functions I can attend. HOW I MISS the ability to experience Burn2. Or karaoke. Or rping. Or pretty much anything where more than 2 avatars gather…

Even though  I have to say the new jellybabies feature does seem to help. To do my part publicly, I get all the way naked down to my shape then throw on a full body alpha to shop these days. Avatar Complexity 0, baby. Yeeeeah.

But this too shall pass! SOON, a new machine will roar in this sad old computers place, and my only real future concern is seeing my  creations for the past few years in a whole new light, literally, and potentially finding that everything I make sucks. Lol. True story.

THAT, potential new fashion designer, is the only true worry in keeping up with second life fashion. Within a year or two, everything you’ve spent sooo much time and love on, could potentially suck, and it wouldn’t even be your fault. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you might be able to upgrade your creations to match the current trends (ie. creating Omega Appliers for system layer clothing to fit mesh bodies). But often, Linden Labs implement new features like Avatar Complexity and in a matter of moments (so it seems), all your hard work becomes obsolete (ie. almost anything using flexi prims now gives your avatar an ALARMING complexity rate. Prim skirts, and hair seem to suffer the most.)

Don’t let that scare you though! All this means is you’ll have to do a little more research. Make sure you at least try to understand what the masses are buying and why they are choosing those things.

For me, the big eye opener was a wonderful blog site called Mesh Body Addicts (check out their incredibly detailed body and head comparison charts here!). Every year they do an annual poll to see how many avatars are using which mesh bodies. This years results (back in February) were staggering:

  • Maitreya (55%, 2,468 Votes)
  • Belleza Freya (9%, 419 Votes)
  • Belleza Isis (7%, 313 Votes)
  • Slink Physique (6%, 287 Votes)
  • TMP (6%, 278 Votes)
  • Slink Hourglass (5%, 237 Votes)
  • Belleza Venus (3%, 137 Votes)
  • Other (3%, 132 Votes)
  • eBody (1%, 65 Votes)
  • Eve Slim (1%, 58 Votes)
  • Tonic (1%, 57 Votes)
  • Eve Pulpy (0%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,471

The home page of Second Life’s Marketplace only confirms this. At the bottom, you can view ‘What Customers Are Buying now’. If you refresh your browser, it constantly updates, and in the past year I’ve seen the word Maitreya in female clothing titles go from about 60% of the time to 90%. Not kidding. You pretty much have to design for Maitreya right now to have sales like you used to.

Can I just say that I’m DYING to see how things have changed when they do the polls again in January? Make sure you take the poll too if you wear mesh bodies! Every vote helps, and I really can’t stress enough how much this changed my focus. I’m a big fan of Abar’s eBody for their alpha cuts, and Slink’s Hourglass for that hourglass lol. Seeing more clothing become available for them is really exciting, and for other things some of you might be interested in like TMP, Belleza, and Kemono (which isn’t even listed and I see a LOT of these days).

I really didn’t want to use specific mesh for specific bodies, because at the rate SL seems to evolve it appeared to be another trend that could easily die off too (like the inclusion of Lola’s Appliers specifically, or Phat Azz. I dunno about you, but I’m seeing them less and less). PLUS I’m seeing new mesh bodies and heads coming out all the time. If we started including every single mesh body shape for every dress we put out, the folder sizes would be ridiculous.

And yet, here I am, including as many specific mesh body shapes as possible, with ridiculously  over-sized folders…

Is this taking the fun out of creating? A little bit, not even gonna lie.

I’ve never been a fan of tedious things, and these days putting creations up for sale is ONLY that. You must create, properly name, check permissions, create demos, check those permissions, photograph, edit photos with words and brand stamps, create MP listing, resize MP photos because 1024×1024 is not always less than 1MB lol, box your items, create listings for your vendors, resize photos and upload for inworld store if you have one, create inworld display for new item, and finally you must shamelessly self promote your new creation. That last part I usually skip. I just don’t have it in me after all that other crap, being real lol.

But this has to change! I must kill off my shy inner hermit and become a social butterfly 😛

To help with this I’ve found a new social media site for second life avatars called It’s fairly new and easy to navigate. Feel free to add me if you join up!

Already I’ve found a neat magazine I’d never heard of called MAGE Magazine. It’s unique because it focuses on art, photography, and stories (yum yum!), and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a single ad. If I did, it was subtle and I missed it. But the Youtube video Rag is totally entertaining and invites others to share their stories too! I’m definitely thinking of creating something, and highly recommend you go check it out too! I found it here!

GAH! This page grows like the gaps between pages, and I’ve barely touched base on everything I wanted to get at lol. I should admit now, that my Kushi Textures folder got out of control, and I was finally forced to insert them neatly into texture organizers. Yes plural. Ye gods, it were so many, and admittedly, while we’re at it, I’ve stacked up quite a few more that need adding when I get one of those Round Tuits… But now it’s like opening treasure chests and I’ll also admit it’s quite nice seeing them all in a pretty row, and so quickly without having to randomly click from each folder 😛

Seriously, if you’re not in the Kushi group by now, you might need to see a real life doctor. Check out her inworld store here, or her MP here.

Also, I’ve been a huge fan of Flecha Warwillow for a reeeeeally long time. Like since sculpties were still cool. Let me just point out, that I am not an instinctual artist. Instinctual artists choose the marble for a design they already have in mind.

I am more of a whimsical artist, and an obsessive collector to boot. I create on my own whimsy and can’t always make what I want when I want to. Inspiration MUST STRIKE.

I could stare at that same damn marble slab a million times, and then one day, I just SEE IT. I see what it must become lol.

Does that make sense?  Anyway, I rarely go buying full perm mesh with something in mind. My buying style reflects my creating style. I buy on a whim, usually because the price is too good to walk away.

Collecting dust in my inventory, a lot of things go largely unused. Next thing you know, the next big SL trend is in full swing, rendering them obsolete, as mentioned earlier. Most recently, we’re witnessing the endangerment of standard size mesh. It won’t go extinct for some time as long as body accessories can still fit mesh bodies, and as long as reeeeally specific outfits aren’t available in fitmesh (ie. costumes, roleplay stuff).

All this time, Flecha Creations has been NOTHING BUT VALUE! Their prices have always been well beyond fair, and as a result I own quite a bit in my dust-gathering collection. Most things I own of theirs are standard sizing, but more than a few of their creations offer .DAE files, which if you’re anything like me, and are morbidly curious about using programs like Blender to create your own mesh things, you might find this invaluable!

I sure do.

I can’t wait to open those up on my new computer and fiddle around with them.

Lately, however, Flecha has been offering fit mesh clothing for a number of specific mesh bodies. Join their free group to get updates on new releases and get them 50% off! Inworld location is here, and MP location is here.

My newest creations use one of Flecha’s newest, the Dina Camisk:

That there above is my Autumn Bae entire collection, which I am currently offering as a gift for $1L through the end of November. The fit mesh top and loincloth come in standard large and small sizes, an experimental Maitreya version, eBody, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass! I absolutely love that they still offer something for the average avatar.

I want my creations accessible to most, not a select few, so THANK YOU SO MUCH Flecha, for creating totally affordable fit mesh that I am compelled to buy because the price is so right. Diligently, I will collect as many things as possible from you that I may or may not ever actually use in my creations. You’ve provided ample slabs of marble so to speak, so inevitably one of them will speak to me again in no time, and most likely before fit mesh goes out of style 😉 Thanks again.

Until next time, all my love!


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